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About TrialSmith
TrialSmith is now host to NYSTLA's online litigation database containing more than 500,000 expert depositions, plus millions of other documents, similar case matters and data to help you investigate experts. Click Here to Search at NYSTLA.
NYSTLA Expert Transcripts and Depositions
NYSTLA's depositions are now part of the TrialSmith database, available at  Just Search the deposition database - and you can purchase NYSTLA depositions, or depositions from 76 other plaintiff lawyers web sites and litigation groups - all with a Single Search. It's not necessary to join TrialSmith in order to search - although you may wish to join TrialSmith in order to have the ability to instantly read all 500,000 depositions and millions of other documents.
How to Join TrialSmith
TrialSmith is restricted exclusively to plaintiff lawyers.  New Members of NYSTLA receive a Free One-Year Subscription to TrialSmith (Call 800-443-1757 to redeem).   NYSTLA members also receive a discount when joining TrialSmith and when renewing their TrialSmith subscription. Click Here to Join TrialSmith at
Share Your Depositions and Documents And Earn Purchase Credits
All depositions and documents in our database are contributed by plaintiff lawyers from more than 76 participating trial lawyer associations. Please click here to contribute your depositions and documents - you earn a $5 purchase credit per deposition you contribute - no limit!! That means you can search and download depositions without having to purchase them if you contribute.
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