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TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY: PREPARING YOUR CASE (Plaintiff only CLE: signed affidavit required)


Date: 06/30/2015

Tuesday, June 30, 2015 | 6:00PM - 9:00PM


3 Areas of Professional Practice CLE Credits

This seminar has been approved for transitional and non-transitional credits.


This presentation was developed to help Attorneys recognize, screen and build a traumatic brain injury case. This presentation will discuss how to screen, develop, and manage traumatic brain injury cases utilizing the latast technology, testing, evaluations and assessments. Included in this presentation are the following:



1. Brian Injury 101

     . Keys to Early Detection by Law Firms and the Benefits

     . The basics about TBI and how that applies to cases


2.  Mild Traumatic Brain Injury MTBi

     .  Tips to developing an MTBi Case

     .  Mechanism of injury

     .  Before and After Injury Witnesses

     .  The importance of focus-discussion groups

     .  When your Client should take the stand


3.  Post Concussive Syndrome 

     .  The reality of using the diagnosis


4.   Loss of Consciousness and Post Traumatic Amnesia

      .  The client is the worst and best witness to these event


5.   Efficacy of Emergency Room Screenings for TBI 

       . How Law firms can pick up the cases the ER misses includes a screening tool


6.   Screening and evaluation Tools

       . Behavior Bases Screening Tools and how this benefits the case

       . Benefits of CT Scans, MRI, FmRI, SPECT, DTI when appropriate, and EEG/QEEG-                        Ambulatory EEG

       . How to win a brain injury case without technology or positive scans


7.   The Need For NeuroBehavioral Services

       .  Behavior Analyst

       .  Neuropsychology

       .  Neuropsychiatry

       .  Vocational Rehabilitation Evaluations


8.  The Importance of a Clinical person on staff at a Firm


9.   The Future of Brain Rehabilitation Technology and how it benefits legal cases


10.  Bringing it all together






Michael Feldman, Esq. - Chair

Jacoby & Meyers


Craig H. Lichtblau,M.D., P.A.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Board Certified


Adrian Young, BSHA, LPN, CNEP 


NeuroRehab Services