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The Partnership for Justice Fund is a collaboration of businesses drawn together by NYSTLA that are committed to protecting the legal rights of New Yorkers. In our daily business, we all use a variety of service providers who depend on us for their business. NYSTLA has made a commitment to use only those businesses that have joined the Partnership for Justice Fund. By doing the same, you will strengthen the connection between NYSTLA and our Partners.


Support our Business Partners

NYSTLA urges you to use these Partners, and when you do, be sure to identify yourself as a NYSTLA member, as many Partners are extending significant benefits to members of our organization. Let our Partners know that you have given them your business because of their contributions to the Partnership for Justice Fund.


Tell Us About Your Experience with Our Partners

When you use a Partner, please let us know by emailing the following information to awesson@nystla.org: your name, firm name, experience with the Partner, and the extent of your business with them. Your help will ensure that our Partners fully realize the benefits of their relationship with NYSTLA.


Become a Business Partner and Support NYSTLA

To learn more about the Partnership for Justice Fund or becoming a strategic business partner, click here or contact Allister Wesson at awesson@nystla.org or (212) 349-5890 x327.


Partnership Tip of the Week

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