DEPOSITIONS 2019: WIN BEFORE YOU BEGIN! (Plaintiff Only CLE; signed affidavit required)


June 7, 2019|9:30 AM - 4:30 PM


6 CLE Credits: 1 Ethics & 5 Skills 



This CLE program will be a PLAINTIFF-ONLY event. All registrants will sign an affidavit prior to entering or purchasing the class as to both their and their firm's plaintiffs-only status.


You must register in advance!


Cases are won and lost during the depositions of the parties.  Do you know how to win your case during the defendant’s deposition? Do you know how to make the defendant your best witness? Do you know how to make the defendant a free expert? Do you know how to handle difficult or “know nothing” witnesses? Do you know how to ethically prepare your client to be a better witness?


If you want to learn how to Conduct Depositions to Win, then you need to come to Depositions to Win, where lawyers learn to Win Before You Begin.


Whether you are just a beginner or have done hundreds of depositions, learn winning techniques from top trial lawyers that will improve the way you prepare for and conduct all of your depositions, that will help you win your trials or get better settlements.


This program includes a review of winning techniques for different types of cases, including: Premises, Motor Vehicle, Medical Malpractice, Construction,  Police and Municipal Liability.  Attendees will also receive numerous transcripts from all types of real cases that provide valuable templates that will help you learn to Win Before You Begin.


If you have questions or have a problem case or tough witness, ask the experts and get invaluable tips and advice.





Robert J. Genis, Esq.

Sonin & Genis




Nicholas I. Timko, Esq.

Past President

Kahn Gordon Timko & Rodriques, P.C.



Depositions 2019 - Western Region
“Fantastic. Bob & Nick are both brilliant but  also funny and charming!  The SNL of  ∏’s seminars!” 
- Stephanie Gelber, Esq.
“Easily one of the best CLE’s around.  Practical, common sense solutions to every day litigation issues. Genis & Timko are the Woodward & Bernstein of ∏’s litigators - always helping us find the truth”
- Kevin Habberfield, Esq.



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4, 5 or 6 to Brooklyn Bridge

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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

We require 24 hour prior notice to cancel seminar attendance.
No refund will be given for later cancellations, or once the seminar begins.