New Law - Rideshare Insurance - Buffalo


June 26, 2017 5:00- 7:30pm


2 Professional Practice CLE CREDITS

This seminar has been approved for transitional and non-transitional credits.


During this session's budget process, NYSTLA provided the legislature and the Governor's office with the benefit of its members’ substantial expertise on the needs of auto accident victims in the context of the new law to authorize operation of Transportation Network Companies (TNCs, more commonly known as "rideshare" companies). 


Learn about the new law that governs operation of these TNCs outside of New York City  and certain other cities authorized to "opt out,"  if they choose instead to require TNCs to operate as regulated liveries. 


Our experts will explore the cutting-edge issues about rideshare liability, including, but not limited to:


   - What triggers the level of insurance coverage provided;

   - How to obtain the evidence needed to determine whether or not a driver was logged onto a TNC application;

   - What to do when there is a dispute about whether or not the driver was logged on;

   - What to do when the driver is logged on to more than one TNC application at the time of the accident;

   - The scope and impact of the TNC contract's arbitration clause;

   - The difference between typical rideshare operations expected to operate in much of New York State and the livery-based approach in New York City.


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