TAKE YOUR CASE FROM GOOD TO GREAT! Do Better for your Clients by Using CPLR Articles 50-A/50-B to Show What their Case is Really Worth.


Tuesday, April 25, 2017, 6pm-9pm






Seminar Overview:


Who doesn’t want fairer, faster, BIGGER settlements? One of the hardest problems we face is that insurance adjusters, as well as defense counsel, rarely appreciate the true damage to your client even after you’ve made your first demand. Time to educate them as to their real exposure! Learn how top trial lawyers use CPLR Articles 50-A and 50-B (“Periodic Payment of Judgments”) to formulate even their opening demands on the way to achieving fairer settlements for their clients. We’ll help you learn how to avoid a typical “Needs-Based” negotiation and focus instead on a vastly more effective "Exposure-Based" methodology which will instill the proper fear and respect in your adversaries.


Our program will concentrate on and include discussions of the following topics:


•  CPLR Articles 50-A and 50-B, powerful pre-trial settlement tools overlooked by all too many plaintiffs’ attorneys – we’ll show you how to use them effectively to justify far better demands.


•  New York’s Rules of Professional Conduct mandate that you know the real judgment value – the true exposure for the defense – prior to engaging in any settlement discussions, much less mediation.


•  Article 50-A, first enacted in 1985, governed only medical malpractice cases; it was promptly followed by an identical Article 50-B for all other personal injury cases and in 2003 Article 50-A was radically amended. Learn the important differences between the two sets of statutes and how to use each to its maximum effect to ensure your clients get what they deserve.


•  We’ll also show you how to watch out for common practices which violate New York law and the all too frequent illegal rebate.


Far too many seasoned trial attorneys don’t use the techniques we’ll show you. Increase your “clout” and teach the defense the multiplier effect of the Periodic Judgment statutes.  This program will equally benefit younger attorneys, both in achieving fairer, faster settlements and in learning the ins and outs of Articles 50-A & 50-B.



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David B. Golomb, Esq. - Chair

NYSTLA, Past President

Law Offices of David B. Golomb


Hon. Allen Hurkin-Torres (Ret.)

JAMS Mediator & Arbitrator

Supreme Court, Kings County


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