Below, you will find a comprehensive list of the updates coming out of the New York Courts, and other news related to the coronavirus. NYSTLA will update this page as information becomes available.


New York Court Updates


Please find relevant court information and updates compiled by The New York Law Journal.


For information on how to E-Notarize, please CLICK HERE.


Please find relevant COVID-19 Emergency Orders and Procedures.


Updates from Albany


By Administrative Order 78/20, dated today, Sunday, March 22, 2020, county clerks and courts may not accept any papers for filing by any means, due to the suspension of civil statutes of limitations by Executive Order 202.8.


That means no new lawsuit can be commenced at this time; no affidavits of service can be filed; no motions; no infant compromise orders; no RJI’s.  

What can we do? The attached order contains a list of exemptions from the new rule, none of which apply to our practice. However, the court may deem an individual filing essential. You may wish to consider reaching out directly to the part or, if that fails, the Administrative Judge to make a request that your filing be deemed essential and the papers filed.


In addition, it is extremely important to note that while Executive Order 202.8 which tolls statutes of limitations and other filing deadlines expires on April 19, 2020, the administrative order precluding filing is in effect until further notice. That means we may be in the untenable position of being unable to file papers although no toll will be in effect. We will do our best to keep you informed of extensions of Executive Order 202.8 and any modifications or suspension of Administrative Order 78/20. 


Updates from Friday, April 3


NYLJ - 'Virtual' Courts Open in 4th, 8th and 9th Districts


Updates from Suffolk County

Please find an update on consolidated operations and plans for virtual courts for Suffolk County here.


Updates from 9th Judicial District

Please find the locations of consolidated courts for the 9th District here.

Designated judges and courts for the 9th District can be found here.

Please read the Second Amended Administrative Order from the 9th District.

Here are the Press Release and letter regarding virtual courts for the 9th District.


Updates from Friday, March 27


Please find an important message from Nassau County Administrative Judge Norman St. George regarding OCA's plans to begin virtual proceedings in all matters beginning next week. 


Updates from Monday, March 23


While we are hopeful that defense firms and carriers will make their best efforts to engage in meaningful discovery and settlement discussions, we anticipate that some may use this period to delay discovery or refuse to engage in settlement meaningful discussions.


To that end, we recommend attorneys and their support staff keep notes concerning their communication with adversaries and their carriers including, attempts to reach their adversary/carrier; any response they got where their adversary/carrier refuse to engage in discovery or settlement and the basis for their refusal.


By collecting this information, we will be able to show judges or our clients that we have been diligent in trying to keep matters active as we go through this crisis.


Updates from Sunday, March 22


Updates from OCA


Please see this attached memo from OCA about virtual court proceedings beginning in New York on Wednesday March 25th and Thursday March 26th.


Updates from SDNY


Please find the Operating Status for the United States District Court, Southern District of New York attached here.


Updates from EDNY


Please find court information for the United States District Court, Eastern District of New York here.


Updates from Thursday, March 19


NYSTLA extends our deepest thanks to Judge George Silver, Deputy Chief Administrative Judge of the City of New York, and Paul Lewis Esq., of the Office of Court Administration for updating us today about the Court’s evolving response to the upheaval the coronavirus is having on the public, attorneys, and the courts.


We applaud our Chief Judge Janet DiFiore, Judge Larry Marks, Judge George Silver, and OCA for their extraordinary quick and nimble response to the turbulent events unfolding before us.Judge Silver and Mr. Lewis assured us that they hear our concerns and are acutely aware of the issues that we and our clients face. OCA is working to ensure that we can still work and that the system keeps moving, despite the challenges posed by the coronavirus and the need for social distancing.


While omnibus orders have not yet been issued, we should expect that eventually:

  • motions in the five boroughs will be on submission;
  • court dates will be adjourned, either without date or into June, July or beyond.

OCA is also considering, at our request:

  • issuing extensions for completing discovery, notes of issues, and summary judgment;
  • permitting electronic service of papers, discovery, and motions; and
  • expanding the use of pre-printed preliminary conference orders without appearance.

While NYSTLA is committed to working diligently with OCA to implement remote settlement conferences, and this is something Judge George Silver and OCA aspire to, the court’s technology is just not there yet.


Finally, rest assured that NYSTLA is reaching out to our representatives in Albany to extend the deadlines we all face.


Updates from Tuesday, March 17

  • Find a notice regarding the limitation of court operations here
  • SIF is working remotely, but sending settlement checks and payments without delay
  • NYC Comptroller's office is working remotely and have no intention of stopping making payments.
  • NYCHA attorneys are working remotely; the support staff is working; the Housing Authority is still settling cases and their payments are not stopping.
  • NYCTA is closed down for two weeks, until March 30, 2020, but they are working remotely. HOWEVER, they are not cutting checks. They don't have the remote technology for this.

Updates from Monday, March 16

  • Find a notice about MTA personal service of notice claims here
  • Comptroller Scott Stringer's office reached out to make sure that everyone knew that until further notice, his office is telecommuting and therefore not accepting notice of claims in person. You can either file by registered or certified mail or online.
  • Please see the following memo from Kings County Civil Term with several updates, including a few key items to be aware of:
    • New Trials and evidentiary hearings are suspended unless under exceptional circumstances the Court may direct otherwise. Pending Trials and Hearings shall continue to conclusion.
    • Trials Assignment Parts (JCP, CTRP, MMTRP, and NJTRP) are suspended. Calendars will be administratively adjourned.
    • Unless otherwise directed by the court in exceptional circumstances, personal appearances at PC, Compliance and other scheduled conferences are suspended.
    • Unless otherwise directed by the Court in exceptional circumstances, oral argument of motions in Court are suspended.
  • Please find the full guidance and materials here about new discovery rules for Kings County Supreme Court. Kings County Discovery Parts will proceed with scheduled calendars, but there will be no in person appearances permitted.

Updates from Friday, March 13

  • Please see this memo from OCA that includes updates about jury trials, high traffic civil parts, compliance conference parts, civil individual assignments parts and NYC housing court.