Business Partners

NYSTLA's Partnership for Justice Fund
NYSTLA invites your company to join our organization as a strategic business partner to help preserve and enhance New York's civil justice system. As a strategic partner, your business will be recognized by approximately 4,500 NYSTLA members as a company that is committed to protecting the legal rights of all New Yorkers.
Access to Top Decision-Makers
You will have many opportunities to present your company's services and credentials to NYSTLA members in unique venues and media. Your firm will be included in the listing of the Partnership for Justice members, the first place NYSTLA members look when seeking products and services, as well as in the widely distributed Bill of Particulars and NYSTLA Member Directory. Banner advertisement space on the NYSTLA website is one of the exclusive benefits you will receive as a strategic business partner. Your business will be brought to the attention of more than 4,500 legal professionals who make vendor decisions for their firms or organizations.
Choose the Partnership Level That's Right for Your Company
You can choose from five annual partnership levels for the program that fits your company's budget. Whichever you select, you will be sending a strong message to NYSTLA members that your business shares their goals -- a message that they will appreciate and reward by their commitment to you and your company.
To request additional information on the the Partnership for Justice, click here to complete our online form.  For more information please email or call Nick Novak at (212) 349-5890.