Civil Justice Profiles

Real People Tell Their Stories


Below are Civil Justice Profiles, where real people -- such as the Storms family -- share their stories about how their lives have been affected by the wrongdoing and negligence of others. 



After Craige and Melissa Storms two-year-old son Zachary got into a toy chemistry set, they called Poison Control Center fearing he may have ingested some blue and red colored dye.


The Center assured Craige and Melissa the dye was non-toxic, but advised them to go to the hospital as a precaution. 

The hospital doctor, however, ignored the Poison Control Center's "observe only" instructions and forced Zachary to drink an activated charcoal solution. Despite Zachary's refusal to drink more, the doctor and hospital staff continued to pour solution down his throat, so much that his throat, stomach and lungs were filled. Zachary died moments later.



Karen Borst tells how her son Bradley was killed by farm equipment that lacked the proper safety guards.


The manufacturer of the farm equipment had violated basic engineering standards by making the guard easily removable, and failed to provide instructions warning of the dangers of operating the machine without the guard.


George Adolfini, a decorated New York City transit police officer, died from an illness caused by his exposure to asbestos. Before becoming a cop, George was a sheet metal worker. 

He packed insulation into walls -- insulation that contained asbestos. George was later diagnosed with mesothelioma, an incurable cancer caused by exposure to asbestos fibers. 

Although the manufacturers knew of the dangers of asbestos, workers like George were not warned or protected from inhaling the asbestos fibers.