NYSTLA Releases Ratings for Court of Appeals Vacancy


President Michael Jaffe released on Monday, December 17, the Association’s ratings of seven candidates nominated by the New York State Commission on Judicial Nominations to fill the vacancy on the New York State Court of Appeals created by the retirement of Associate Judge Carmen B. Ciparick.


The Association’s Judicial Screening Committee was comprised of NYSTLA members from counties across New York and chaired by Lenore Kramer and Catherine Beltz-Foley.  The committee met with and interviewed each candidate on December 13, 2012, after reviewing each candidate’s questionnaire submitted to the Committee on Judicial Nomination and their opinions or other legal writings.  The committee also asked candidates questions during their interviews that were designed to further assess each candidate’s judicial philosophy and administrative ability.


The candidates were rated as either Qualified or Highly Qualified and Recommended or Highly Recommended to fill the vacancy.


The Judiciary Committee ratings are as follows:   


Sheila Abdus-Salaam                          Highly Qualified and Highly Recommended

Rolando T. Acosta                               Highly Qualified and Highly Recommended

Kathy Hirata Chin                                Qualified

Eugene M. Fahey                                Highly Qualified and Highly Recommended

Jenny Rivera                                        Qualified and Recommended

Margarita Rosa                                   Qualified

David A. Schulz                                    Qualified