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NYSTLA works to ensure that New Yorkers who are injured by their government have the right to their day in court, and that there are clear and consistent rules and regulations for those who should be compensated for their injuries. 

NYSTLA supports the “Notice of Claim” bill, which would provide for uniform rules for filing Notices of Claim at state entities.

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  • Bill Clarifies Procedures for Suing Public AgenciesNew York Law Journal

    A bill to establish uniform procedures and time limits for the filing of notices of claim against government entities has been approved by the Legislature and submitted to Governor Andrew Cuomo. According to the bill justification memo, the current patchwork of statutes governing claims against municipal entities, public authorities and public benefit corporations is so confusing and inconsistent that "even the most diligent, conscientious and able potential claimant can be misled in good faith by the lack of a uniform procedure for filing notices of claim and bringing actions against governmental and quasi-governmental entities."

    S7641-B/A10657-A, which was strongly promoted by the New York State Trial Lawyers Association, would largely apply the rules of general municipal law—such as the 90-day limit on filing notice and minimum of one year and 90-days statute of limitations—to notices of claim against any government entity. It would also allow service of notices of claim through the secretary of state.
  • Bar Association likes Notice of Claim billAlbany Times Union