Legal Help

What To Do If You Need Legal Help Or Advice
It's not something we ever expect, but sometimes things go wrong in life. Whether it's an automobile accident, a divorce, unacceptable treatment in a nursing home or any other indignity, often we feel the need to turn to a lawyer for legal help, advice or counsel.
The New York State Trial Lawyers Association (NYSTLA) understands the pain and grief you may be experiencing. As New York's largest trial bar, NYSTLA promotes justice and fairness for injured persons, protects victims' rights – especially the right to trial by jury – and works to strengthen the civil justice system through education and disclosure of information critical to public health and safety. Part of NYSTLA's mission is to ensure that consumers are served by ethical, well-trained lawyers, and we provide the education, information and professional assistance lawyers need in order to serve their clients successfully and to protect the democratic values inherent in the civil justice system.
Unfortunately, the one thing that NYSTLA is not able to provide to the public and the visitors to its website is legal advice or help. Consumers with a legal issue or question are advised to visit the American Bar Association's Public Resource Page, which contains information on lawyer referral services, legal insurance and state legal assistance programs. In addition the New York State Bar Association offers an attorney referral service that can help you find an attorney in your area or other resources to assist you with your legal problem.
NYSTLA wishes you the best of luck with any legal issue or problem you may be experiencing, and thanks you for exercising your democratic rights.