Donate Now: Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund


Dear Colleagues,


It has been a month or so since the New York area was struck by Hurricane Sandy and while many of us have returned to our normal routines, there are still many who are struggling to get back to life as they knew it before the storm.


In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, NYSTLA has been working to assist the Court System in trying to raise money for court employees who have been affected by the storm. To that end, The Court Families Assistance Fund was established in partnership with the Center for Court Innovation and the Fund for the City of New York. Its aim is to provide court personnel and their families with immediate financial assistance to help them through this difficult time. The Fund’s proceeds will be distributed for necessary expenses associated with food, clothing, shelter and medical care. 


I have met with several Administrative Judges to find out more about how court personnel have been affected.  Per New York City Civil Court: 53 of their employees lost their entire home; 32 lost partial home; 17 lost cars, 70 had property and car damage; and 156 have general property damage.


Here are a few of the stories which have been shared with me as well:


- Two Court officers' families have relocated to California to live while they rebuild their homes in Queens County.


- A senior Court assistant lost her home, car and everything she owned. She, her son and her mother are living in a shelter as their home is uninhabitable. There is no school for her son to attend and she may have to take a leave of absence from her job and relocate.


- A court officer’s house had severe flooding. He lost 100% of his possessions and is in temporary housing.


- County court employees are pooling their time off and sharing it with others who are more in need so they can benefit from the days accumulated.


In all, there are an incredible number of court employees who are in serious need. As the pre-eminent Trial Lawyer Association in the State, we are trying to focus our efforts on raising funds to give back to those who make the Court system operate on a daily basis.


Anyone who wants to assist can make checks payable to “Court Families Assistance Fund / FCNY” and forward them to:



132 Nassau Street, Suite 200

New York, NY 10038



On behalf of the Courts and NYSTLA thank you for any assistance you are able to provide.




Michael Jaffe




132 Nassau Street, New York, NY 10038

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